To help you decide about hiring one of our Hot Tubs, we have answered below some to the questions most commonly asked by new customers:

Do i need anything else to set up the Hot Tub?

Yes. We advise that you pre-plan where you want the Hot Tub to be set-up. As the Hot Tub requires both power and water, we ask that you make sure the Hot Tub has access to a hose and an extension cable, or alternative power socket. Although our Hot Tubs are flexible once deflated, we also ask that you make sure we have full access to where the Hot Tub needs to go.

How long does it take to set up a Hot Tub?

Setting up our Hot Tub only takes around 20 minutes. However it takes about an hour to fill the Hot Tub with water and we advised to leave the heat pump on for at least 12 hours so that the Hot Tub is heated to the required temperature.

Can i drink / smoke in the Hot Tub?

Although we understand that many people will want to smoke and drink in the Tub we ask that no glasses are brought into the Hot Tub and a no smoking policy is adhered to. The reason we do this is to prevent damage to our Hot Tubs and injury to any persons using them. After all who would want to use a Hot Tub with broken glass in it?

Is delivery and collection free and do i need to to anything before the Hot Tub is collected?

Delivery and collection free up to 20 miles from Porthcawl and charged on a per location basis thereafter. Although we are able to dismantle the Hot Tub and collect it, we do ask that you drain the water and clean the tub before we arrive. This saves time and also prevents our technicians flooding your garden. It is better to drip drain it a few hours before.

Do you use any chemicals when setting up the Hot Tub?

Yes we do. It is important that a small amount of chlorine is used to prevent bacteria building up in the Hot Tub. If any guests are allergic to such chemicals it should be made clear to them that chlorine has been added. We also clean and replace our filters before every hire for the same reason.